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An astute study of early Indian sociology

18 October 2018 06:05

A social animal that a man is, his interactions with society take place at various levels, but speaking strictly in the Indian context, this new book shows that there are opposing tendencies and ideological tensions in the writings of early Indian sociologists, thereby suggesting that our understanding of Indian sociology may have been skewed to some extent. What makes this book a riveting read is the fact that all these five sociologists and anthropologists seem to have been interested in the larger sociological and philosophical issues like tradition, values and community. The author contends that the colonial connection has gone a long way in shaping the ideological nuances of Indian sociology and anthropology..
An astute study of early Indian sociology. This article is published at 18 October 2018 06:05 from Yahoo India news, click on the read full article link below to see further details.

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