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Fujimori back in detention after tongue surgery

LIMA: Peru’s former president Alberto Fujimori will head back to detention after spending five days in hospital where a cancerous sore was removed from his tongue, the doctor who treated him said Tuesday.

“Fujimori’s post-operation evolution has been satisfactory, allowing all the doctors who have treated him to jointly decide his release,” said oncologist Pedro Sanchez.

The former president will return to the police station in eastern Lima where he has been held since he was extradited from Chile in September and where his trial on human rights abuses is being conducted.

Presiding judge Cesar San Martin put the ex-president’s trial on hold in early June so he could receive medical treatment, and ruled that it would resume on Wednesday.

Fujimori, who governed Peru from 1990 to 2000, is facing up to 30 years in prison on charges he ordered two massacres in the early 1990s that killed 25 people total.

Sanchez said a malignant cancerous leukoplakia was removed from the 69-year-old former president’s tongue. Fujimori must now have periodic medical tests to make sure the lesion does not return, the doctor said.

The leukoplakia was removed in the same spot that Fujimori had surgery 10 years ago.

Fujimori has denied waging a “dirty war” against insurgents during his rule and heading an army hit squad known as the Colina Group, which is blamed for the two massacres in his trial.

The son of Japanese immigrants, Fujimori fled to Japan after his ouster in 2000, and was extradited in September from Chile to Peru.

The former head of the National Intelligence Service (SIN), Julio Salazar Monroe, is scheduled to testify when Fujimori’s trial re-opens on Wednesday.