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Now, data on AIDS just a click away

NEW DELHI: Information relating to AIDS, poverty and slums and their correlation will now be just a simple click of a mouse away.

Housing and urban poverty alleviation minister Kumari Selja on Tuesday launched a website, “HIV response corner”, aimed at highlighting the relationship between poverty and the deadly disease and inform the public about government’s policy to counter the menace.

Apart from basic facts on HIV, the contents of the dedicated HIV corner in the portal of the ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation (HUPA) will include the relationship of poverty and HIV and impact of the epidemic on the family and community.

The website, first of its kind by any government department, followed the ministry’s pledge to generate community response, a decision taken by the National Council on AIDS under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister.

The portal will facilitate networking of people living with HIV and have an interactive mode where people can put their queries and get confidential answers to them.

It also has the national data on HIV and AIDS, which will be periodically updated. It also has a link with the NACO website for technical information that is already on the NACO site, said P K Mohanty, joint secretary in the ministry.